Suzanne Samama − Kuipers – Mindfulness teacher | Founder roots.

Suzanne Kuipers

After finishing her Master’s degree in Marketing and Consumer Behavior and a few years working in corporate life, Suzanne Kuipers chose a new direction. With a passion for mindful, stress-less, living and working, she started roots. in fall 2014 and now offers mindfulness training courses, workshops and occasionally retreats.

Since 2008 Suzanne has been practicing yoga and meditation intensively. She is a mindfulness teacher, certified by the Dutch Institute for Mindfulness, and category one member of the professional association for mindfulness teachers, the VMBN. Every year she participates in retreats (inter)nationally to keep up her own practice. Moreover she stays up to date of the latest (scientific) developments within the field of mindfulness through reading literature, professional dialogue and additional training.

At the moment she lives with her partner and dog in Poland and visits her country of origin – The Netherlands – regularly. She enjoys pure, simple cooking, long walks in nature, beautiful books and time with family and friends at the kitchen table.

“Mindfulness brings me back to my foundation, my roots. Making contact with body, mind and heart. Experiencing every moment, exactly as it is, with openness, curiosity and kindness. A fresh approach to living and loving life fully. That is what mindfulness is to me. What it can bring you? I would love to guide you in dis-covering it for yourself.”