8-Week program

Eight weekly classes and one all-day class

Mindfulness is a skill you practice in a mindfulness course. Awareness training or MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress reduction) program are other names. They all refer to the original 8-week format, which is offered by roots. as well.  The practice of mindfulness and integration in daily life is at the core of this course. The program consists of 8 weekly classes of 2,5 hours. It’s especially a practical training. You learn by doing.

Each class has the following elements in it:

» guided awareness, concentration and moving – mindfulness – practices.
» presentation of the week theme and applying mindfulness in daily life.
» exchanging experiences with the practices.
» homework explanation for the next week.

Between the 6th and 7th class there will be a one-day class taking place in mainly silence. During this day the guided mindfulness practices will be repeated and you’ll practice more intensively and longer.

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A daily home practice

Mindfulness is like a muscle that asks for training. Otherwise it will weaken. The true training happens at home by daily practicing and applying. This is the most important part of the program where the weekly classes will give you support and instruction. During the 8-week course the guideline is to practice 45 minutes daily. You’ll get mp 3 files and a workbook to guide you through the practice at home.

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For who

The 8-week mindfulness course is for anyone who actively wants to contribute to his or her own health, well being and quality of life.  The program turned out to be especially effective when you have the wish to:

» find a better balance in a busy life
» enjoy the little things in life more
» live and work less on autopilot
» feel more energetic
» better deal with stress, difficult emotions and pain
» ruminate less

Are you willing to invest time for daily practice next to the weekly classes? Then you’re more than welcome to start the 8-week MBSR program. It’s a gift to yourself!

To participate you don’t need any specific knowledge or experience. You’ll practice within the limits of your own unique situation. However sometimes it’s possible that personal circumstances (temporarily) make that participation is not suitable. During an individual intake together we’ll decide if participation is appropriate.

Moreover it’s important to know that the mindfulness course is not a therapy or replacement of regular treatment and/or medication. Also it’s not a discussion group. 

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